Train Fever

Public Transport
After spending the equivalent of a plane journey to Las Vegas (yes, I could be partying it up in the gambling capital of the world) I feel I can justify a blog about Public Transport and how I would rather sit in a tub of baked beans, than grace the presence of a train ever again. For one, the amount of chav-tastic, tracksuit wearing, lager louts, who shoot up in the toilets is repulsive. There was one hooded individual who occupied the toilet for a whole hour to avoid paying and when asked to come out, opened the door pulling down the sleeves of his Nike attire, a tad worse for wear. He then proceeded to prowl up and down the train asking everyone for spare change so he could feed his daughter – or his addiction.

Secondly, how every single train conductor seems oblivious to time keeping and turns up whenever and wherever they fancy; which does not bode well for a poor, coat-less and umbrella-less student when the heavens have opened. Definitely not something I would recommend.
Finally, the lack of seats! I spent eight hours sitting on my wet, canvas pulley suitcase. I do appreciate the bum clenching exercise I was able to do, but not for 8 pain staking hours.
I cannot wait until I have a personal driver. Anyone want to volunteer? I mean, why can't we have express, deluxe trains like in Japan?

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