One step in, One step out

The interview:
After the initial dramas of my outfit, i eventually arrived at Vogue House, (Hanover Square) 15 minutes before the interview was due to start. As you can imagine i was extremely hot, bothered, stressed and generally looked a mess. Not a good first impression for a potential employer to witness!

I entered the huge building surrounded by fashions most influential editors looking a mess. Not a great start.

The revolving doors lead to a huge wooden reception in which 2 security guards stood, looking rather intimidating. I approached nervously, being jostled past by many a people who were busy entering or leaving the building on their way to grab lunch. After sweet talking (which may have included fluttering eyelashes) the security guard, he let me use the toilets on the first floor to freshen myself up before the interview commenced. I changed my shoes, refreshed my makeup, re-did my hair and checked over my notes.

I headed back to the main reception, and the initial preconceptions of the security guards could not have been more wrong. The one guard rang up to let them know that i was waiting in reception, and whilst i was waiting he gave me a copy of Mays Vogue, which he said i could keep if i hid it in my bag. Freebie - yes please! After frantically looking at photographers names to drop into conversation, i was called up to the infamous offices.

I stepped into the lift and was joined by another woman, who, if i was more on top of my game could have been someone extremely important, but the nervous wreck that i was, at that time i didn't care! The doors opened to level 5 with the big letters of VOGUE emblazoned on the glass doors in front of me. 'Sh*t I'm hear'

I was greeted by the fashion coordinator who showed me into the room opposite, a normal looking meeting room with a long pine table and seats either side. I waited patiently, and in walked another woman (i didn't catch her name unfortunately) who was to conduct the interview, and this is how it went...

Question 1:
What experience have you had?
Question 2:
What would you like to do Styling or editorial?
Question 3
When are you available?
Question 4
Will you have somewhere to stay?
Ok thank you very much, we will be in touch shortly.

And that was it! i was in there for a maximum for 5 minutes. My prepared questions of why i want to work there, my favourite magazine and why, my favourite designer and why were all useless! I could have entered wearing a sack or my pyjamas and I'm sure the woman wouldn't have noticed.

As i was in and out within 5 minutes i was convinced i hadn't got the placement. Surely they would have asked me more, wanted to know more about me to offer me a placement? I rang round close friends and family to tell them how it went and came across mixed responses:

Heather 'they probably just invited you down to make sure you looked the part'
Dad 'You should complain, you spent all that money to get there when they could have done it over the phone!'

So admittedly i wasn't that confident, but i didn't really have time to think about it because i had a meeting with the Events Director at Glamour and GQ. (Will post the interview on another blog)

During my walk from Vogue House to 6-8 Old Bond Street (Glamour offices) i rang my dad to ask him to check my mail because i was expecting one from Glamour. On the phone, he opened my inbox and started to read the names of the people i had received them from and this is how the conversation went:

Dad:There are ones from Ethicsgirls,, Vogue, Boots..'
Me:Did you just say vogue?
Me: Oh, Can you open it please?
Dad:It says dear Rhian, we would like to offer you a 4 week placement commencing the 4th..
Me:Are you serious? Read it again
Dad:Dear Rhian, we would like to offer you a 4 week placement commencing..
Me: Oh my god!
Dad:does that mean you've got it?

So my brief encounter at Vogue headquarters paid off, and i start on the 4th November!

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