One to watch

In amongst the mountain of work i had last week, my flatmates and I went to support our friend Nicola Sawyers, who had been slaving away in front of a sewing machine for about 6 months for her final collection at this years 'Sew What' fashion show. The third year fashion designers each had to create 6 outfits for the catwalk, which was previewed at Nottingham Playhouse, in front of an excited crowd. I had seen the original designs from the early sketches, tripped over the piles of fabric that decorated our lounge and also witnessed the stress from being told to change collars on the jacket at the last minute. (i.e. avoid nicola at all costs today...)However, nothing prepared me for the shock of seeing her final collection on the catwalk. The clothes looked absolutely gorgeous, and i have even requested a copy of the red & white stripped coat seen above. The reaction from everyone who went to watch was positive, and the night was topped off when a stranger who had watched the show went to the effort of looking up her number in the brochure and texting Nicola to ask how much she wanted for the coat; definitley proving that this girl is one to watch for the future.

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