A penny for your thoughts?

M&S who are renowned for the quality of their products are launching 'Penny Bazaar' next week. On Wednesday, you can buy items at the Penny Bazaar stall for 1p. Yes, you read correctly - 1p. The money raised will go towards local and regional charities and has been intiated to celebrate their 125th anniversary. I presume, the bargain hunters that we all are (thanks to the credit crunch) will indulge in this PR campaign.

However, there are a few aspects that are playing on my conscience...
1) where are all the items from?
2) If they are new, how were they produced for 1p without some kind of infringement of laws?
3) I imagine that they would not be very good quality if they are selling them for a penny

If this campaign is a sucess, M&S will be congratulated on the amount they raise for charity, however there is a chance that it could damage the reputation the brand due to the origin of the items.

The pop-up store will be in 20 Marks and Spencers, so if you happen to come across one then let me know your thoughts!

For more info: http://www.drapersonline.com/news/multiples/news/ms-to-sell-products-for-1p-to-celebrate-birthday/5002675.article

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