Spotify me

So, as the final year work kicks in, and the only company i have throughout the day is my trusty ipod (we have definitely bonded) i have become bored of listening to the same albums. Unfortunately i have adopted the expensive habit of buying music for my little friend so i can listen to music whilst doing work, with the intention of blocking out any other distracting noise. I realise that itunes lets you purchase music for a fraction of the price it used to be, but i have to tell you about the amazing music station i have come across.

A relatively new station, SPOTIFY is the answer to all my prayers - it is like a music library; containing thousands upon thousands of albums which you can listen to for FREE. You can create play lists, search for artists, songs, genres. In essence it is one gigantic itunes but with the added advantage of it being completely free - Amazing!

Visit for more info.

Thats all for now.

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