Sony do their part for Fashion Week...

As i now work for a marketing company we are constantly on the hunt for innovative ideas and concepts to inspire our clients. One brand we are definitely keen on is Sony.

Within their marketing budget they allow for a huge poster at the side of their headquarters in Japan and this is changed once every few months. This has obviously been challenged by environmentalist groups (and quite rightly so) as what happens to the artwork once it has been taken down...

Sony have reacted and delivered a great campaign to tie in with Fashion Week's around the world.

They have made jeans out of the old artwork, which are available to buy. Each of the 120 unique, handmade pairs sells directly from the wall. People can view the jeans through supplied binoculars and once a pair is selected, someone climbs down the side of the building to collect them.

I think you will agree this is definitely a great marketing campaign - bravo Sony...Although i am not sure i would want any of these Jeans...would you?

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