Fashionable weight loss - verdict

My 5 day free trial has ended with Marie Claire Diet Club and i thought i would give you my verdict on the service.

Good points:

  • The interface was user-friendly and i was able to navigate around the tools very easily.
  • The daily weight loss tips were great and something i will definitely miss.
  • It was simple to use and the automatic calorie counter was fab.
  • Great when you are at work or lead a hectic social life - it took me a maximum of 5 minutes each day to fill in my food and exercise doseage.
  • Being able to see your results visually on a graph was encouraging.

Bad points:

  • I didn't lose any extra weight using the system.
  • Inputting data online made it easier to cheat because i didn't have to go along to the embarrassing meetings and be named and shamed in front of my peers.

My verdict: great to use if you are on the go, don't use full time because if you are like me, you will need pushing to get rid of your bingo wings!

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