Sunday morning - glad I didn't stay in bed!

Sunday 3rd October was D-Day. The moment I had been training for had arrived and there was no turning back. I donned my trainers, shorts and bright blue t-shirt and headed out at 8am to meet other like-minded people. I use the term like-minded loosely, as I am not sure if everyone was thinking ‘what the f* are we doing in the cold, wet and windy weather, with water dripping down our faces and huddling together for warmth?! Can we fob this off and go and watch Hollyoaks catch up please?’ I had to keep reminding myself that it was for a brilliant cause and that it would only be for a maximum of 2 hours, unless of course I collapsed out of hypothermia.

D-Day was actually the 10k Race for Life in Gloucester and having completed the 5k in scorching temperatures over a rough terrain, I definitely wasn’t looking forward to double the distance in freezing cold temperatures!
Me looking rather worse for wear earlier this year!

My boyfriend and I arrived at the venue and huddled together to try and keep warm whilst heart fm entertained us with various interviews and music. Then, the far too energetic aerobics instructor attempted to get us warmed up and pumped for run, by prancing around stage shouting ‘come on guys, this is fun!’ Needless to say my boyfriend conveniently disappeared and left me doing a half-hearted attempt with my two left feet.
After splitting us into athletes and non-athletes (i.e. runners and joggers) the buzzer sounded and off I started running head first into wind and rain. I plugged my ear phones into my iPod and decided that I was going to do the distance without stopping.

The brave runners taking part!

Once we got into town the atmosphere was great – I was cheered on my shoppers, dog walkers, policemen and bystanders. (Plus a few drunk people. It is Gloucester after all!)Even though I couldn’t hear the cheering through my music, it was a great motivator and really encouraged me to keep going. For all of you of you that saw a red-faced, sweaty and generally unattractive girl with brown hair – it definitely wasn’t me...promise!

Me sprinting to the finish line!
Once we got to the final stretch, my athletic boyfriend who had finished the race 15minutes earlier, rang alongside me with his sister to motivate me. Once I saw the finish line I was off, as a surge of energy went through me and I reached the end in 1 hour 9 minutes - personal best!
Friends and family then proceeded to take hideous pictures of my boyfriend and I looking slightly worse for wear. Picture can be seen below so you can all have a laugh.

My boyfriend and I (AKA the athlete and non-athlete!)
If you haven’t participated in a Race for Life event, do so next year. It is for a great cause and one that I would recommend to anyone! Congratulations to everyone that took part!

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