Dare to wear

On nights out most of us girls like to dress up to the nines, showing off our newly toned legs or sometimes more... Now Winter is upon us, somehow my mothers cursing 'you'll catch your death in that outfit' or 'where is your coat?' is starting to configure and is no longer being ignored.

Countless times i have been stood in a queue huddled together with my nearest and dearest, wishing i had put on that extra layer or listened to my mothers nagging, yet i have never learnt or acted upon it.

Until now...

On a recent night out, i wore trousers for the first time in god knows how long. (Pictured above: Trousers - Matalan £16, Shoes - New Look £35, Lace body - Matalan £6, Crochet Cropped Jacket - Vintage, Oxfam £7, Jewellery - Mixture of Topshop and Vintage)

Whilst my friends were complaining of the cold, i was oblivious - more concerned about how much my feet were aching and how i wished i had a put a pair of flat shoes in my bag. As girls, we will always have something to complain about on a night out (feet, cold, hair or make-up) but as far as i am concerned trousers are the solution to cold Winter nights!

On that note, here are my top of the trunks!

And if you can afford to splash out...

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