It is like internet dating...

Following some seriously exciting news (yes, the type of wee-your-pants excitement) i have been frantically looking for a place to call home in the big smoke.

Having always stayed at friends or relatives when in London, i was completely oblivious to the awful amount of work involved when trying to find somewhere to live. I have been using gumtree and spareroom however when they ask you to ‘say something about yourself’ what the hell do you write?! I can only compare it to an internet dating site – there is even an option to add your own photograph! I must admit, i have been very tempted to insert a picture of rather large monkey just for a laugh. Not really sure how that would go down with future housemates...

Trying to sound ‘normal’ and not weird or over enthusiastic is actually quite difficult. How do you describe yourself in less than 100 words? Do you mention that occasionally you like to eat a can of tuna on its own, or that you have an irrational fear of baked beans? That you enjoy watching trashy TV like The Only Way Is Essex, The Hills and Half Tonne Man? Or that you can’t stand it when people chew with their mouth open...?

Here is the information i have provided so far (comments welcome...)
  • I am a 22 year old female originally from Wales
  • I work in marketing
  • I enjoy running, going to the gym, socialising with friends, reading and shopping
  • I am easy-going, tidy and friendly.

I sound like an idiot, but what else am i supposed to write?!


Mystery Bruises said...

haha that picture is funny, great post!

P.s Please come visit my new Vintage & Designer Store FAUX REAL!

D.A.R.K said...

Thank you very much! If you know of anyone looking for a flatmate please get in touch!

You have a great blog too, keep up the good work! :)