Intro, PR, London and Me

Seeing as this is my first ever post, i feel like i should formally introduce myself; I'm the writer for D.A.R.K, nice to meet you, and now on with the interesting stuff...

I am currently doing a placement on Oxford Street, for a very well known and respected brand. I don't know what i was expecting really, i guess i thought it would be Ugly Betty-esq or maybe even Devil Wears Prada, but so far so good. ..Although now i think about it i have spent a fair few hours in the returns cupboard with mountains of clothes to sort through - bad times. However there are no highly strung demon bosses to avoid - thank heavens!

My day-to-day duties include: choosing outfits for the magazines, sorting through returns, general admin, reading newspapers/magazines and general PR stuff like ringing up magazines to find out when they will return our stock that we so kindly sent them. To be honest it is amazing what these glossies can get away with, especially where I am working. For example, if the magazine does not return it, they can 'claim' that they sent it back, but we all know that we will never see that item again. Maybe i should be doing a placement with a magazine instead..

I did manage to blag a freebie today though! However that was cancelled out as I went on a shopping spree at lunch. Working on Oxford Street is a bad idea for my bank balance.

Just a quick note - check out the window displays at Selfridges this month, they are Ingenious!

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