No Rest For The Wicked

I am now back in G town after an eventful month in London. It is weird being home after spending 3 or 4 months at Uni/London. Things i used to take for granted without parents being around, are now high priority. For example, tidying my room when i am told. Now i know this may be a simple job to do, but it is difficult to adjust to someone telling you what to do with your things ALL the time. Ahhah the joys of living at home again.

Well, my time at NL was a good experience; (see above picture for fun times) it was invaluable really, looking back. I now know that PR isn't necessarily for me. It was fun and the people i met were absolutely lovely, and i know if i ever wanted to go back they would be more than willing to take me on. The only thing i missed whilst i was there was being creative. Unless it is your own brand, you do not get to be creative in what you send out. Simply because you will be tailoring the garments to the viewer of that particular magazine/TV show.

I still have my heart set on Magazine writing, and have my fingers, toes and legs crossed for a placement with a top fashion magazine...but time will tell!

Back in London in a week for another placement - there is no rest for the wicked!

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Harry said...

You forgot to mention me in your Blog! Deeply upsetting!!! Enjoying the blog rhian... Love Harry x