2 down, 1 to go. The final chapter

So today was my fashion map presentation and hand in and i have mixed feelings about it. I am overjoyed at the prospect of finishing the project, however there is a part of me that will miss our weekly gossip sessions, and hearing about every one's project. Also, the fact that this means that Easter is here, and after the hols there is only one more term till i have finished uni completely. Where have these three years gone?!

For those of you who don't know, fashion map is a trend prediction/following course that enables you to follow a trend and document it, through use of a log book which you collect articles and interviews on your chosen topic. The main aim of the project is to interview members of the public to offer an 'insight' into their life, and to analyse these interviews to support your research, and in doing so, come to some sort of conclusion, or answer to your question/topic. Sounds confusing, but it was a great module that i will be sad to finish.

I am reluctant to give away the topic choice for my project, simply because i have interviewed people and not told them what is about as i did not want to offend anyone. But...if you can keep a secret... My topic was on the formally known sub-culture of the Sloane. I say formally because they are now referred to as Rahs. I chose this topic choice simply because i have friends who have turned to this subculture since going to university, and i found this really interesting.

Today was the presentation and hand in day. So, along with about 13 others i presented to our lecturer, peers and guest Sophie Woodward. It was quite nerve-racking, especially as i realised i had forgotten my speech (good one Rhian) and thought i had forgotten to save my presentation to my memory stick. (I do have a brain cell somewhere..) After the panic was over, we got to sit for 6 hours in the same room, with serious bum ache and listen to our fellow fashionmappers presentations.

I wanted to congratulate everyone on their presentations, and say how impressed i was with every one's work. Although our lecturer doesn't tend to give much away, and you never know if she actually hates, or likes your project, i think the general consensus is that no one has failed! (Fingers crossed anyway)

So, after 2 out of 3 deadlines for uni complete, i guess this is the final chapter guys...

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