I make great cups of tea..

I have spent the past 2 weeks analysing every tiny visual and written aspect of the magazine Tatler, that i honestly think i could be editor by now! I am not some kind of weird obsessive person, and feel the need to do this for fun, i do have a reason for this slave labour; for uni i created a potential supplement for the publication to support my trend mapping research project on the Rah. (Parts of it can be seen above)

It was only till i started looking at the magazine that i was reminded at how simplicity is the key to creating a good layout for a publication. The magazine use 2 fonts, 3 columns and generally stick to one colour scheme throughout. Easy peasy then! Yeh, not quite.
It made me realise how much i aspire to write for a fashion magazine as i had great fun writing the articles, and as nerdy as it sounds, loved every minute of creating the magazine!

So, if you are a magazine editor reading this, please take note. I make exceedingly good cups of tea..

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