Damn The Recession

Up until now, it seemed that the recession had not affected me, however today was a big shock...

The interview i had planned for helping out at the Glamour and GQ Awards is no longer going ahead because they have been asked to use existing staff who work from the company. I am extremely disappointed as this would have ensured i was busy after i graduate but due to the recession this is no longer going to happen.

I recently read an article in Tatler that explained how the rich are now pretending to be struck by the recession; with Condenast receiving such a high revenue from advertisers from their plethora of magazines, it does make me wonder if they too are putting up a front in a society where indiscretion is now key, and to be seen to be overspending is viewed as vulgar and unecessary. It does make me wonder, what the future holds for graduates wanting to enter the industry.

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