You what?!

My boyfriend had the enviable job at helping out at the GQ Man of the Year awards last year (I refused to acknowledge it until very recently. Bitter is a good word here) as his friends dad is the publishing director or Easy Living Magazine. I think for most of us, helping out for free would be enough, but no, my boyfriend got paid for his efforts AND was given a ticket to the event. Now are you understanding my bitterness? Swanning amongst A Listers like Elton John, Lily Allen and Elle Macpherson to name a few, is my idea of a great night, so i made it my aim to help out this year.

Whilst at Glamour, i polarised the Fashion Cupboard e-mail account and contacted the events director, who amazingly has invited me down for an interview to help out at both events. Great news! Although it is on the same day as my interview at Vogue = EVEN MORE STRESS & PANIC!

Start praying now please...

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