Vogue Darling!

I think i had the best week of my life last week.. firstly earning around £200 for 2 days work, and secondly...i'm almost hyperventilating as i write this...yours truly has an interview at Vogue. Shitting myself? YES

The interview is for a placement after i graduate, so will not be a job offer, but its a start. I have been informed that 12 people are being interviewed and there are only 5 places. Shitting myself even more? YES

Firstly, and most importantly in my eyes, what the hell is a girl to wear for an interview for the most prestigious and most well known fashion magazine? This is where the panic sets in... I will be extremely nervous, I will be hot and bothered and I will need an outfit to sustain this whilst looking uber fashionable and glamorous. This is where the panic AND the stress sets in...

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