Lesbian Vampire Killers

So i had a rather stranger phone call late last week.. 'Do you fancy being a lesbian vampire for £105 for the day?' 'Pardon?!'

I have a friend who works for an events agency and having recently enrolled, last week was my first job - a lesbian vampire. Not exactly the most glamorous job but as a skint student, £105 a day is music to my ears. The job was to help promote the new film starring James Cordon and his sidekick from Gavin & Stacey. My role (yes i chose to accept it) was to dress as a vampire along with 3 others (not lesbians i might add) and to hand out rustlers burgers to students around universities. Overall a fun experience, and just for future reference 1) you cannot have a bite of me instead of the burger, 2) I did not look like the picture - i have morals! and 3) I have no burgers left. That means NONE left. Students, bloody scavengers! ;)

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