LFW - A tad overdue

Ok, so this is very very very overdue, but being the enthsiast that i am, i feel a post is needed about London Fashion Week.

I was lucky enough to get a placement working at the event, and after majorly stressing about what to wear in front of the world's most fashionable people, i proceeded to head up to London to work the longest hours i have ever worked in my entire life; Meet at 7am - (I don't think i had ever seen 4.30am in the morning before that) and then finishing at around 9pm, with, if you were lucky, about 30mins lunch.

Previous to working here, everyone in the fashion industry i had met was as nice as pie. If you want to meet arrogant people, who look at you as though you are shit on the bottom of their shoe...head to fashion week; a fellow intern and i were given the task of handing out flyers for the event, and never in my experiences have i had so many dirty looks from so many beautiful people. One woman took a flyer, looked at it, then handed it back to me..Another looked and threw it on the floor.. but we were mostly just ignored.

Highlights for me were the Xterity show (see picture) and Avshalom Gur. Also, sneaking into Peter Pilotto and seeing Erin O'Connor and Suzy Mendes.

Tiring, stressful and hectic but definitely an experience i will remember.

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