Vogue: week 1

So my first week at vogue has absolutely flown by and I'm about embark on my second. The very first day I was unbelievably nervous, knowing that I would be working for the most prestigious fashion magazine was enough to make me quake in my (matalan) dress!

Like any girl my main stress was what to wear? I was convinced they would all be dressed immaculately and head to toe in designer items, which unfortunately my jsa couldn't cover! I eventually settled on a matalan dress with black tights and pumps. Smart but casual.

My day to day activities are pretty standard for any fashion intern: completing returns, answering phones, taking messages and general errands. At my previous placement I was told that november was one of the best times to do work experience because all the new season stock is in and its one of the busiest times- great news!

There are 2 shoots this week and hopefully I'll be going to one, so will try and upload some pictures. On my first day I had to sign a confidentiality agreement so I am a bit nervous about spilling too much gossip from the office! Just for the record though, everyone is SO nice!

Update soon x
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