Vogue: week 2

Like my first week, this week went ridiculously quickly for a number of reasons; as a fully qualified vogue intern (yep you heard it, I even have an access all areas pass) I now have the task of training new interns, one of which started on Monday. Amongst introducing the 'newbie' to such things as the post room 'this is where the post is delivered' (shock horror!) Verity, one of the assistants, returned from a 2 day shoot. So in between returning urgent samples (for example alexander wang, louis vuitton and margiela) I was caught up in showing the 'newbie' the ropes. On top of this, there was only one fashion assistant in, and one fashion director. (out of a team of eight) so I had to listen out for the phones, take messages, train the 'newbie' and complete the never-ending list of urgent returns.

I'm guessing that doesn't sound like a big deal to many people, however please bare in mind that this is quite possibly my dream placement, so there is no room for silly mistakes! (For example sending samples back to the wrong place...been there done that...let's say no more...)

There was a light at the end of the tunnel though as I also received some exciting news. Yours truly would be helping out at not one, but TWO photo-shoots scheduled for next week. Great news, as vogue only use the top models and photographers in the fashion industry. So tomorrow I am assisting at a shoot being photographed by...wait for it... Mario Testino!!!! Getting there for 8am will be a serious mission though...

Oh and just quickly, made an absolute fool out of myself on thursday by speaking to Zandra Rhodes without realising. Great!

Let's hope I don't make a prat of myself this week...

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