Fashion Dilema...

This week has started off on the wrong foot. Can we rewind please?

Last week Tilly, features assistant at Vogue, kindly forward me information for a placement at the British Fashion Council. I was immediately interested as these are the big dogs who organise everything to do with London Fashion Week.

As an intern attempting to make it in the fashion world, this would normally be an opportunity i would return a pair of louboutins for in order to be able to go. However, i now have responsibilties, and by responsibilities i mean a real job, which means limited holiday entitlement. Which equals serious dilema.

To add to the equation, the email read 'i have to say that the day to day tasks are quite menial, lots of cutting, sticking and mounting of coverage and photocopying' so the woman trying to sell me the placement is not really promoting it well...

Do i cut my losses and do the 'menial' placement? Or wait for a job opportunity to arise?

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