Ga-ga Over Apple...

As i am sure most of you will be aware, Apple have launched their new ipad this week and the technology world has gone slightly ga-ga. Everyone and everybody has been talking about it, so i thought i would jump on the band wagon too.

I have no clue what is so special about this new gadget, apart from it being touch screen obviously. Yet i can't help wonder if there is any need for an oversized iphone? It looks as though Hitler agrees with me...

When the iphone first came on to the market, i was determined not to be a sheep and follow every other mobile user by changing my contract in order to get one. I am now (begrudgingly) considering investing, after i saw a recent app enabled for the iphone, entitled 'TrendTracker.'


Aimed towards fashion lovers on the go (aka. me) the app lets you keep track of the latest runway looks, fashion news, trend ideas and inspiration direct to your mobile. Pure genius if you ask me!

Trendtracker App

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