The Vampire Trend Runs Thicker than Blood

I wrote this a while back about the Vampire trend so thought I would share it with you all!

Vampires have crept into your homes, sneaked in to your friendship groups and tip toed into your school bag...

You have either read the 'Twilight' books at school at home, watched it with friends on the big screen or have "Team Edward" scribbled on your pencil case. If you haven’t noticed the new trend it’s time to rise from your coffin and take a look around!

There has been an increasing interest in all things Vampire, with the launch of Stephanie Meyer’s 'Twilight' Saga books/movies and the recent TV Programme True Blood. Today, you are either supporting Team Edward or Team Jacob and have been flocking to stores to get the latest merchandise to show your devotion for the heart throbs.

Claire’s accessories reported a 30% increase in sales from June to December 2009 caused by the launch of their ‘Twilight’ merchandise, which includes everything a fan would ever need; Team Jacob and Edward lockets, replica jewellery from the film and Twilight pillowcases. Their number one selling item in both the UK and USA is the Twilight handbag which sold over 300, 000 in the first week of sale.

If you haven’t sunk your teeth into the various Twilight merchandise available, do so quickly, as who knows you might just find your very own Edward Cullen at a store near you.

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