Fashionable weight loss

Marie Claire recently launched their online Diet Club and at the moment they are offering you a free 5 day trial. To put it bluntly it is an online version of WeightWatchers, but without the embarrassing meetings. Hurrah!

As I am interested in keeping fit and eating healthily i thought i would put it to the test. My aim is to lose 5lbs – not exactly a life changing amount i know!

The interface is very easy to use and self explanatory and the mini-tuition when you sign in for the first time is extremely helpful.  (Even my mother could do use it – and that’s putting it to the test!)

My favourite features available are:

  • Barcode QuickSearch – Type in the barcode of your item to add the calories to your diary
  • My Food Reports – highlights your average alcohol intake, highest fat foods and your exercise expenditure.
  • Food Swap – if you can’t resist your favourite chocolate treat, find a healthy, lower calorie alternative.

So far i haven’t found any negatives but i will keep you posted!

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